We offer you an artificial cone-shaped Christmas tree, which is designed to emphasise its artificiality.

A frame artificial Christmas tree is a tree with a circular frame at its base, which is supported by sandbags or concrete blocks. Around the edges of the frame, the branches of artificial pine/fir needles are stacked in tubes, so the traditional taper of the Christmas tree looks like a circle and tapers towards the very top. We highly recommend ordering such Christmas trees from a height of 10 metres.

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The frame Christmas tree technology is popular all over the world – this old-style metal frame has proven to be very versatile. It is easy to add various lighting to an outdoor frame Christmas tree either around its branches or from the bottom upwards. Though, frame Christmas trees look artificial, it is recommended to order them from 8 to 10 metres high to ensure the best look of your site or area.

Additional Christmas Tree Accessories :

Christmas Tree Fence
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Samples of our products :

Christmas tree height 30 metres

Christmas tree height 10 metres

Christmas tree height 14 metres

Christmas tree height 10 metres

Christmas tree height 18 metres

Christmas tree height 18 metres

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