Artificial Stem Christmas Trees

We offer a completely unique artificial Christmas tree that resembles a real one in its construction.

To fulfil such a complex task, we have created a design, similar to that of the best living Christmas trees. At the base of such a construction there is a metal stem to which tube-shaped holders and branches with artificial needles are attached. Branches with needles come in different kinds and colours: some are more fluffy, others imitate a real branch. The material used is either cast plastic or PVC.

Choinka miejska złożenie


Unique technology of stem artificial Christmas trees. Outdoor stem Christmas trees consist of a metal trunk, a top and branches with needles. The design brings outstanding realism, resembling a living forest evergreen. Our specialists tailor each order individually, taking into account the height of the tree, the style of its decoration, decoration around the tree within the site, and wind zones. Create a festive mood and decorate the street with an outdoor stem Christmas tree.

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Samples of our products :

Christmas tree height 19 metres

Christmas tree height 22 metres

Christmas tree height 14 metres

Christmas tree height 18 metres

Christmas tree height 15 metres

Christmas tree height 12 metres

Christmas tree height 6 metres

Christmas tree height 16 metres

Christmas tree height 5 metres

More examples :

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