Giant Christmas Trees

“VIYA EUROPE GROUP” We are the largest manufacturer of large artificial Christmas trees, Christmas garlands and outdoor lighting in Eastern Europe. Our company uses only modern environmentally friendly materials. In-house production on the basis of patented technologies allows us to produce large street Christmas trees in three technologies (Stem, Stem Premium and Frame). Full quality control is carried out at every stage of production. Adapted to the European climate conditions, these unique designs have been marketed for 10 years and have established us as the sales leader in Eastern Europe.

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Pisanki Wielkanonce
Why Choose Us?
Market leader
Market leader
For 10 years VIYA EUROPE GROUP has been in a leading position in the market of artificial Christmas trees as well as of streets and buildings decoration.
Reliable partner
Reliable partner
Our products decorate many cities in Eastern Europe and always fulfil our clients’ expectations.
Modern production
Modern production
Every year we successfully cope with any workload in the production of Christmas decorations, garlands and artificial pine needles.
Popular on social media
Popular on social media
Our street decorations generate more than 3 million photos every month. Beautifully decorated streets attract tourists and residents.
Quality materials
Quality materials
Only quality materials of European standard.
Experienced staff
Experienced staff
VIYA EUROPE GROUP counts primarily on its qualified staff, and only then on machines and equipment.
Certified products
Certified products
We have all the required quality certificates.
In-house delivery
In-house delivery
We always deliver and install all orders to any EU city or country on time.
Saving trees
Saving trees
We produce long-lasting artificial Christmas trees that stops the annual cutting down trees. Today 80% of EU citizens choose artificial Christmas trees.
Design solutions
Design solutions
A large city Christmas tree is a basic attribute of Christmas spirit. Our Christmas trees are unique for each city and are made according to individual designs.
Professional advice
Professional advice
If you call us, we will provide you with all necessary information concerning the price, characteristics etc and help you to choose the best Christmas tree or decoration for your request.

Samples of our products

Artificial outdoor Christmas trees Everyone likes a festive atmosphere on Christmas and nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree. VIYA EUROPE GROUP Company produces large outdoor Christmas trees. We do not make copies; each tree is of unique design. We use combined cast and completely cast branches, which look like real tree branches. A great advantage is that our Christmas trees are inflammable and strong wind and frost resistant.

Offered goods

As the holidays approach, the streets of our cities and towns are changing. We brighten them up with all sorts of lights and themed decorations, such as Christmas trees, photo zones or street Easter eggs. When darkness falls, streets and houses turn into a bright and shiny wonderland. Such decorations are a real joy for children and adults, people spend more time on the streets having fun and enjoying the atmosphere.
Gałązki na choinkę
Artificial christmas tree needles
Choinki miejskie
Artificial Stem Christmas Trees
Choinka na pniu elita
Premium Christmas Trees
Designerskie choinki
Designer Christmas Trees
Choinka wewnętrzna
Interior Tree
Choinka ramowego
Artificial Frame Christmas Tree
Ozdoby na choinkę
Christmas Tree Toys
Ogrodzenie na choinkę
Fence for Christmas Tree
Pisanki wielkanocne duże
Outdoor Easter Eggs
Szopka bożonarodzeniowa
Outdoor Nativity scene
Strefy fotograficzne
LED Photo Zones

We create a fairy tale

The example of our work that clearly demonstrates the tangible difference before our company started decorating the city and afterwards. Christmas tree has become the main attribute of this city! Also, you can modernise the area with the help of our urban specialists’ advice.
Do naszej pracy
Po pracy naszej firmy

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