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If you are interested in a large street Christmas tree in Poland, you’ve come to the right place. Just write to us or call us. Information is in the contacts section, and in the near future you can buy a real street Christmas tree – beautiful of any height, design and any lighting.

Choinki miejskie
A LARGE STEM CHRISTMAS TREE – is a metal trunk in the form of tubes of different lengths and diameters. The different diameters of the tubes allow them to be inserted one into the other and fastened with screws. This makes the Christmas tree frame very sturdy. The 10 mm diameter tubes are welded to the trunk tube at the appropriate tier to hold the branches with artificial cast pine needles. You can purchase a large Christmas tree right now by calling the number listed in the Contacts section.

Samples of our products

Choinka Stożkowa

A large outdoor frame Christmas tree, is a reliable option for an artificial Christmas tree. This type of artificial Christmas tree is distinguished by its structure: a metal cone-shaped frame into which branches with cast needles are inserted instead of tubes used in stem Christmas trees.

Christmas Trees are made to withstand wind loads, frost or fire. Outdoor Christmas Trees from VIJA EUROPE GROUP can be additionally fitted with Christmas ornaments, tops, lights, vandal-proof and decorative fences.

Samples of our products

Sztuczna Choinka Premium

A large PREMIUM artificial Christmas tree is a Christmas tree that creates a more convincing illusion of a living evergreen.

Such a tree combines a classic Christmas tree style with a design similar to a Stem Christmas tree, but it uses almost twice as many branches and materials.

The lighting for such a Christmas tree also requires extra garlands, so we offer a special calculation of the lights needed

It is difficult to imagine Christmas without its main attribute – a big outdoor Christmas tree. According to official data, millions of young pines, firs and spruces are cut down annually in Poland during Christmas season. Furthermore, the tops of thousands of evergreens are sawn off. Such a large number of cut trees could have become a large forest. Today, a lot of countries have already turned away from cutting down evergreens and replace them by high-quality artificial Christmas trees. Because of their special construction and design, Christmas trees from the manufacturer are exceptionally strong and sturdy.

High artificial Christmas trees created by VIJA EUROPE GROUP are designed to withstand all weather challenges; they do not need to be surface mounted, but only fixed with heavy loads, so installation by professionals from our company is very important. We offer street Christmas trees from 3m to 40m high. We classify our Christmas trees into two types: Stem Christmas trees and Frame Christmas trees. We guarantee that your town square Christmas tree will be the brightest Holiday decoration. You can choose from the variety of our artificial Christmas trees, and your large outdoor Christmas tree will be just the way you want and will definitely suit your taste.