Outdoor Nativity scene

On 25 December (7 January for some countries) a long-awaited feast of Christmas comes. Its main attribute is the Nativity Scene. It is set up in the town squares, halls, churches, supermarkets, at the entrances to restaurants and shopping centres. Street Nativity Scene is designed for both outdoor or indoor use. We offer two options of Nativity Scenes – acrylic and LED. You can order and buy any option you like.


All acrylic Nativity scenes are crafted by our manufacturers according to our own layouts, but we are also ready to make a customized design according to the number of figures and individual dimensions. The standard acrylic Nativity scene, designed by our sculptors, includes the following figures: Virgin Mary, shepherds, kings, baby Jesus (in the cradle), donkey (and/or) lamb.

Figury do Szopki

Nativity scene is one of the traditions of Christian churches all over the world. It is the most joyful preparation and celebration of the Nativity of Jesus! A Nativity scene with figures of the Holy Family, the angels, the Magi, the lamb and the donkey, and an assortment of shepherds, and villagers can be set up in churches, town squares or parks etc. The Nativity scene can be decorated with small lights or garlands

An outdoor Nativity scene is designed to withstand moisture, wind, and any frost, consequently, such materials as fabric, wood, wool, papier-mâché, coating with moisture-soluble paint are not used!!! 

A Nativity scene figures are placed in a Nativity Stable made of high-quality lacquered wood. For lighting, a lantern is required.

Samples of our products :


Why people choose us:

There are additional requirements for outdoor Christmas decorations!
We produce each Nativity scene according to the principle “We create our production only well or very well”.

High-quality materials

Firstly, our exquisite Christmas Nativity scene has to withstand all kinds of frost, moisture, and wind. Artists and sculptors use strong coloured acrylic as the material (all the necessary shades)

Production control

Production control is a constant check of quality indicators of acrylic figures in accordance with established production standards as well as production scheduling and guarantee of meeting deadlines.

Own free delivery service

When you order any Nativity Scene, (acrylic or LED) our company delivers it free of charge to any city using its own transport.


LED Nativity scene is a composition made by using LED technology. These are 3D figures created by professional artists from LEDs. The product is not afraid of water, extremely low temperatures or strong winds. The coating of the LED tube, the method of installation of the composition, and the resistance of technical units to weather conditions prevent unfortunate results. The point is that the sculptures light up, and the exclusive objects are easily recognisable in detail, even at night.


Szopka Bożonarodzeniowa LED


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To buy a Nativity scene you just need to fill out the form below. Frames with LED figures or set of acrylic sculptures will be delivered by our specialists. LED characters of the major Christian story will be a real magic for children. For Christmas is a miracle!